Key issues

Reform Sentencing

Prison is an ineffective way of reducing crime. Our high prison population is untenable. Prisons do little to help people make amends for what they have done and change lives. Short prison sentences are detrimental. Our weekly prison watch provides up to date figures on the number of people held in custody.  

We are often consulted when policy makers need expert advice, we provide submissions to government's and other public bodies' consultations.

Weekly prison watch

Investing in the community

Community sentences make a person take responsibility and live a law-abiding life in the community. Our community sentences cut crime campaign aims to raise the profile of, confidence in and use of community sentences. Our community programmes awards celebrate best practice in community sentencing.

Plymouth Allotment, Community Programmes Award Winners 2012 at the awards ceremony

Justice for children and young people

We campaign for justice for children. We want to raise the minimum age of criminal responsibility and ensure that society engages the child behind the crime. We believe that too many children are in prison. 

Children behind bars

Change inside prisons

  • We pioneered and developed the idea of real work in prison, setting up and running a design studio in Coldingley prison where prisoners earned a real wage and were taught real skills
View of a prison wing