What if? A series of challenging pamphlets

What is 'What if...?'

The Howard League for Penal Reform and the Mannheim Centre at the London School of Economics are working in partnership to establish a new pamphlet series that challenges conventional thinking on penal issues. We are working with established and well thought of thinkers, academics and practitioners to develop innovative, and perhaps controversial, ideas that can work as a stimulus to new policy initiatives and ultimately achieve change.

How it works

We are keen to test, challenge and improve the initial ideas to be promulgated in the pamphlet. To achieve this, the author subjects their ideas to ‘peer review’ at an invitee seminar, with the ideas initially subject to scrutiny from one or two discussants and then from the invited audience.

Following the seminar the author is invited to prepare the paper for publication. 

The Howard League and the Mannheim Centre are committed to generating two or three pamphlets each academic year. Although we have many ideas about issues we would like to address, we are keen to hear your ideas about issues that you would like to see on our agenda.

If you have any ideas please email Anita Dockley, Research Director.